In a galaxy far far away....

May 27

Devastation On the Surface

There are reports coming in of small ongoing mercenary clashes on the planet surface. We have images from our men on the ground of entire STG factories ripped from the side of mountains. Nearby a Hunchback dropship was photographed crashed right in front of an STG fort. The trade wars seem to have begun in full swing. It is advised that all residents stay inside and away from any STG complex. The question now is when will it end, and will STG be able to survive this onslaught?
(Photos are viewable on the SilverSky Entertainment Discord)

May 22

News - Trade War Brewing

MA-I (Mahriane Industries) stock dropped significantly with the success of the STG (Independent Space Traders Guild) gamble. Their new upper stratosphere station dubbed Silversky Trade Depot has resulted in the STG to establish a powerful foot print in the free trade market out of the reach of MA-I large cargo freighters and mercs. The focus of the station was to create a line of trade with the small business surface dwellers while keeping the large freighters out which prevented the MA-I from controlling the market.

Small factions have been happy with the steady prices and the security that this station has offered by its positioning. Though there have been several news articles regarding cargo ships crashing nearby due to the heavy gravity, netherless the station has weathered the storm. Not a single cargo ship was reported loss to mercenary or pirate interference which has spawned a new line of surface to space cargo ships.

The result of their success though has seen an increase in covert mercenary contracts for sabotaging the STG infrastructure in other areas on the surface. No one has claimed responsibility yet but STG is taking matters into their own hands and with their new found wealth they are increasing their own security by hiring mercenaries of their own. This build up might end up in a major conflict on the surface or in the near future.

May 20

SilverSky Trade Depot Now Open

The SilverSky Trade Depot is now open for business. You can spawn on its medical station at anytime to find its location and set a GPS marker. Check it out now and start earning yourself some credits!

Server Info

How to Join

In Space Engineers click join now.

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Last Server Reset 07/01/2018

Each faction will have to battle and trade over the limited amount of resources. There are admin and player owned stores to buy and sell resources and ships. You can choose your own path, buy a ship or buy components from the store to build a ship. Then from there be whoever you want. There are now tiered Ore Detectors that have had their range increased, please make sure to max their range after creating them.

On the left side of this site, discord and steam group (SilverSky Entertainment) you will find the galaxy story. There will be ongoing server events and the result of them will determine the next phase of the story.

Server Hints and Help

Welcome to

The Space Trading Group (STG) would like to welcome you to our SilverSky Trade Depot. We are aware of your background and have granted you a signing bonus of 100000 credits. At any time you can view your account balance by typing /bal ----------------JOB CONTRACT--------------------- Your first job with us will be to mine some ice with your hand drill. There is an ice lake right next to the station. Once you have collected the ice you can bring it back to our store and sell it. To sell type /sell all ice or /sell # ice - where # is the amount

Open your helmet before you suffucate we are on a planet with clean breathable air. Press J. To your left you will see the shipyard where you can find ships to purchase with your credits. To check the prices on a ship look at them and type /buyship Our store is located on the second level with all the prices listed on LCD Panels and a public refinery and assembler for your personal use. Our stations AI strongly suggests you use your first 1000 credits to purchase a few key items. We suggest more Hydrogen Tanks for your jetpack. Type /buy 1 "Hydrogen Tank"

You will need to earn your spot on this planet. Mine enough minerals or produce enough components by purchasing ingots and using the assembler, sell your work to the store for a profit. Its up to you how you want to live your life and in this new frontier there is no wrong path. Remember before you log off you must enter a cryo pod which you can find in the next room. If you do not you will die and your items will be forfeit. You can use the public pods or buy one of your own which you will be able to safley store your materials in. /buyship Remember change the sharing to No Share.

Server Info



Makes Ore more rare and adds value to certain resources which is seen in the different prices of the npc stores on each moon vs the earth planet. This creates trade routes and makes cargo missions possible.
Spawn Earthlike Planet:
45% Iron
25% Nickel
20% Silicon
10% Cobalt
Control Points (free delivery): Silver, Magnesium

Earthlike Moon 1: approx 15m flight time.
50% Gold (Very few within scanning range all the rest deep)
50% Silver

Moon 2 Mars but no gravity protected by NPC's: approx 15m flight time.
25% Ice
25% Platinum - All Deep Past Scanner Range
50% Magnesium

Moon 3 Alien: (Very High Gravity) approx 15m flight time.
100% Uranium - All Deep Past Scanner Range

Tiered Ore Detectors 2km SilverSkyEnt-com

This mod adds tiered ore detectors which increase thier range. Ore detector tiered ranges go up to 2km.

Ammo Range Fix for AI SilverSkyEnt-com

Changes the MaxTrajectory of all vanilla ammo to make it so that you cannot hit enemies beyond the max turret range of AI turrets. All ammo ranges should now only do damage at 600m from the targets they are shooting at. Please do not set your Missile Turrets beyond 600m as you will just be wasting their ammo.

Tiered Upgrade Modules 45x SilverSkyEnt-com

Adds 5 tiers of upgrade modules for both yield and speed. The upgrades range up to 45x the full default upgrades could go. There is a custom component needed to build them that cannot be built and must be bought or given through admins.

Tiered Sensors 10km SilverSkyEnt-com

Adds 5 tiers of sensors for both small and large blocks. Its ranges go up to 10km for both block sizes. There is a custom component needed to build them that cannot be built and must be bought or given through admins. This will be used to create custom built radars for detecting other players on the server. Some ships will be sold with these custom built radars using in game code.

Prevent Jump Drives SilverSkyEnt-com

Adds a component that prevents building jump drives as there is no way to aquire the component. It also breaks the jump drives so they no longer work. Name now changed for all jump drives to Broken Jump Drives.

Frontier Economy (Adds money and Trade)

This mod adds an economic system to space engineers. Type /ehelp in game for command summary.
As a miner - it allows you to easily sell your mined ores, and negotiate the purchase of much needed supplies.
As a trader - it will streamline the process of making money buying and selling commodities.
As a mercenary - makes it easier to get paid then safely refuel, repair, and resupply your warships quickly.
As a contractor - it allows you to easily requisition building materials and supplies to build your ships and bases and minimising inconvenient distractions such as running out of air or the lights going out.
As a shuttle operator - it allows your clients to easily pay you for transporting passengers and goods with a minimum of fuss.
Click Here For Full Instruction Manual

Configurable Max Ship Speed Mod

A fully configurable Max Ship Speed mod, that allows you the player (or server administrator) to set the maximum ship speed for both small and large ships to any value you desire. You can also set an additional thrust boost that applies to all thrusters, allowing your ships to accelerate faster or slower. Missile speed can also be adjusted, allowing faster missiles with your faster ships.
Small ship speed from: 100m -> 150m
Large ship: 100m -> 100m

Multiple Mods for Pirate Spawning

Pirate bases spawn on planets and moons, and a wider range of pirates spawn in space.

Midspace's Admin helper commands

The Admin helper commands for both single player and multiplayer, are a set of script chat commands that you can quickly type in to perform an action that is not generally available in game. Including position, motd, prefabs, antigrief, faction, message management, and much much more. Press 'Enter' in game to open the chat box, and type a command like "/pos" to display your position. In single player, almost all of the commands are available for use. In multiplayer most commands are available to the Admin only, whilst a few are available to normal players. A listing of all is available here.